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The company stamp is the main seal used in the company or institution to confirm that the documents sealed with the company stamp fall on the responsibility of the company in cases of prosecutions and the documents is considered certified and approved by the company's board of directors and the company's seal contains the name of the company, the year of incorporation and the country in which the company was established.


What is the importance of stamps and why should they be acquired?

The signature is not sufficient because it is easy to forge (as if people are the subject of constant accusation), and it must be stamped with a stamp proving the validity of the signatures and content, and (but no one discusses the possibility of forging the seal itself), and this is the case, the references live the journey of searching and moving between offices and departments to obtain explanations and signatures, then Stamp it, until he comes with a sheet that has been filled with names, signatures and seals not only on the original but also with pictures.

After this, the papers become official and intact, not because of the signatures or annotations, but because of the presence of the stamp that adorns the paper or papers. Although the seal ends its mission to prove the authenticity of the paper and the focus shifts to the content, With the passage of time, the stamp itself became so lustrous that some people put themselves a stamp containing their name, in which they stamped their own papers or fingerprinted them on their possessions such as books, pamphlets, pamphlets and other public papers that are distributed here and there; As if the stamp is turning it into his possession. Who knows, thanks to the passage of time and the obsolescence of time, they have become precious documents, including the seal.

And because the stamp has acquired such great importance in our society, unlike many countries in the world that do not deal with it in this extreme, it is expected that behind the matter is a secret saved by this seal, and the following lines will try to guess that.

There fill any systemic loophole that may be caused by an employee, so that the entity becomes responsible instead of the individual, Another possibility is that the (predominantly) blue-violet colored stamp serves as a beautiful doctor that adds a (joyful) touch to a somber paper.

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