Advertising roll up size 120 cm x 200 cm | im-1015

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What’s is Roll-up ? 

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Small size according to the sizes desired by the customer, and this stand is made of aluminum, and it consists

From some pieces and a machine inside, as a distinctive mark is being added to these videos,

From the back, in addition to the two small sticks in the upper part of the roll up, the banner is inserted into them as well.


Use Roll-Up:

Roll-Up is used during events or party events such as the company as a result of winning a big deal or achieving a specific goal, or

The opening of the largest shops or commercial companies in the world of trade and entrepreneurship, as well as the Roll Up in

Companies, exhibitions, offices, conferences, clinics, and shops.

A roll-up carries a specific message dating back to a short period, and prints of photos with

It is easy to carry and light in weight as it is welcomed from its place.

Roller pliers stand for long periods and not just for one time.



Components Roll-Up :

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