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It is a document consisting of one page or consisting of only two pages, those two pages are facing each other. The design of the menu that is served in the restaurants to choose what you want to eat, and the Flyer is designed from drawings, speech and the design of the flyer shape is due to the owner of the cover.


What are the types of flyers?

Events and Festivals Flyer: It is designed to announce a party or event so that people can know the date and type of the party so that they can attend after knowing all the details of the party or festival from the flyer.

Presentation flyer design: If you own an organization, own a restaurant or a cafe, or own a shop, and you want the Flyer design to contain all the prices of products, foods, and beverages, this design helps you to know the prices for customers to avoid embarrassment.

Suit flyer design: This type of flyer is designed as personal invitations to attend a specific event such as a party, opening a project, attendance and sharing that occasion.

Advertising flyer design: This type of design makes you happy in advertising, and advertising your business, and it eliminates traditional advertising methods because it is characterized by an elegant and attractive design.

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